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I’m almost 6 months into the MSc. in High Performance Computing, which means it’s very nearly time to begin my dissertation project in earnest. We’ve already undertaken some preparatory work to scope and refine our project proposals, so I can now talk intelligently about what I’ll be doing this summer.

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As part of a global team, I've participated in the full lifecycle of highly-visible features in diverse, sometimes resource-constrained network devices. Automated testing and customer deployments have uncovered complex defects which I drove from triage to resolution. I've conducted technical interviews and participated in careers events with a wide range of audiences.

At home, I often tinker to learn, rather than focus on a single project. I'm interested in ways to improve software quality under real-world constraints like time-to-market and legacy code. I have previously experimented with particle systems, path tracing and the Microsoft Kinect depth sensor.

However, I do appreciate being able to solve pain points for myself: eliminating atmospheric haze in photographs, notifying by email on temporary parking restrictions, and allocating seminar participants to the geographically-appropriate venue, to name just a few. I'm currently investigating environmental monitoring using Atmel AVR microcontrollers as the basis for custom-built smart sensors.